New Hampshire

Brookford Farm // We are a biologically diverse organic farm in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. Our farm is located on some of the best farmland in the state of New Hampshire, situated just across the Salmon Falls river from Maine.

New Hampshire Food Bank // The mission of NHFB is to feed hungry people by soliciting and effectively distributing grocery products, perishable foods and services through a statewide network of approved agencies; by advocating for systemic change; and by educating the public about the nature of, and solutions to, problems of hunger in New Hampshire.

Northeast Organic Farming Association // NOFA-NH recognizes that farmers, gardeners, and consumers of organic products share a "community of interests," a common need to grow and consume safe, healthy, nutritious, great-tasting food and a common interest in preserving a healthy environment that nurtures all of us.

School Nutrition Association of New Hampshire// The SNA-NH works to ensure all children have access to healthful school meals and nutrition education by:Providing members with education and training; Setting standards through certification and credentialing; Gathering and transmitting regulatory, legislative, industry, nutritional and other types of information related to school nutrition; Representing the nutritional interests of all children.