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Food for Thought
"The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution."
-Paul Cezanne, artist

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On May 4th, Host a Bake Sale for Hunger

With fresh energy from Food Bloggers Against Hunger, many of you have expressed interest in continuing to fight for this cause. If you're ready to do more, put on your oven mits and break out your mixing bowls, because Share Our Strength has another opportunity to do good with food this spring. Just $1 can help connect a child in need with up to 10 meals, so bake sales both big and small can "bake" a real difference!

What Bloggers Can Do to Help

Whether your friends call you the next Martha Stewart, or you're better off leaving the baking to the pros, there are easy ways you can help.
1.  Encourage Your Readers to Host a Bake Sale
Explain how easy it is to host bake sales, and you can inspire hundreds of people to sign up for Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry! The Bake Sale Resource Center provides tools like planning checklists, templates for flyers, location and pricing advice, and other helpful tips to make events successful and fun.
Participants will be rewarded for completing their bake sales with a variety of gifts on a monthly basis. For bake sales raising between $250 - $1,000+, bakers will receive select items from Kmart's Sandra by Sandra Lee collection, ranging from silicone oven mitts to ceramic ramekins to a travel cake keeper.
Readers can sign up here.
2.  Host a Virtual Bake Sale

If baking isn't your thing, you can recruit friends and family to contribute to your own personal Virtual Bake Sale and raise funds online. This easy-to-use guide helps you set up your very own fundraising webpage and provides an email template to share with friends and family. In four simple steps, your Virtual Bake Sale can make a great contribution to Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry.
3. Host Your Own Actual Bake Sale
Break out those mixing bowls, join in on the fun, and host an actual bake sale in your own hometown! Document your experience on your blog, and inspire your loyal readers to get involved as well.
Bonus: Duncan Hines will donate $10,000 on behalf of the blogger bake sale that raises the most funds!

Ready to host your own bake sale? Sign up here!

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