"When people are more conscious about their food choices, they can change the food chain."  
-Michael Pollan

We believe good things happen when you gather around a table.

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The Giving Table is a community of folks who love food.

While we celebrate the pleasures and possibilities of a good meal, we also acknowledge the challenges facing our food system. 

We know it’s complicated. Food is simultaneously personal, comforting, political, and destructive. Sometimes it’s easier to complain than to find solutions, but The Giving Table wants to change that. 

We are inspired by the potential food bloggers and individuals have to generate change in our communities and around the world, and want to impact the food system at all levels—from encouraging you to cook more at home, to educating you about the issues—and ultimately, supporting food nonprofits by helping fund their projects.

If you're asking yourself why you should get involved, consider these two words:

collective impact. 

When activism and philanthropy is done in isolation, it can feel like you're not making a difference. Worse, you feel like your single voice doesn't matter or your gift is too small to make an impact. That's where The Giving Table comes in. We provide the community you crave, an engaging giving model that fits seamlessly with your blog, and exciting partnerships with tangible results.

Through Causes, The Giving Table organizes opportunities for food bloggers to participate in short-term activism and fundraising campaigns that leverage the power of our collective readership and unique voices. Think of it like crowdsourced fundraising for the food sector. 

Blogs have power

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Bloggers are leaders, influencers, and changemakers. Remaining mindful of your time, we offer strategic, curated campaigns that leverage our collective readerships. Together, we have an enormous capacity to use our platforms for good.

Change starts at home

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The journey to a better food system begins as a series of small actions—choices we all make every day—that over time add up to long-term lifestyle shifts that will positively affect our food system for years to come.

Vote with your fork

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Activism is more than marching on Capitol Hill. It’s about having conviction and making choices that support your beliefs. In the case of food, once you begin a path to wellness—mind, body, and spirit—you’ll find that the more you learn, the more you’ll want to be part of the solution.