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Donate a Post

Food bloggers develop content for their blogs every day. Some keep a strict editorial calendar, while others wait for inspiration to strike. Regardless of frequency, bloggers attract loyal readers through their engaging storytelling and delicious recipes.

The Giving Table provides bloggers the opportunity to join with like-minded individuals to fund critical programs that will help change the food system. 

Our "donate a post" model works in tandem with the content food bloggers are already producing, which is why it fits seamlessly into their existing content strategies. Every post includes three sections—a narrative, a recipe, and a call to action—and guidelines are provided for every campaign so our messaging remains consistent.

By pledging to participate in a campaign, here's what bloggers are really donating.


In the time it takes to develop a post, bloggers are contributing to charity instead. Our post guidelines follow a similar model for standard food blog posts, including a narrative, recipe, and call to action. 


The Giving Table taps into the power of crowdsourced fundraising. By turning money for ingredients or weekly coffee runs (typically $20 or less) into capital for food projects around the world, bloggers are empowered to see their gifts in action.


The power behind our "donate a post" model lies in the existing network of our bloggers. Combined, we have hundreds of thousands of readers, and when they come across the same message on the same day, our power is amplified. We cannot be ignored.

(Just think about the potential. If 1,000 readers across our sites donated just $10, that's $10,000 for charity.)