Step 1: EAT

Becoming Food Conscious

Questions to ask that get you off on the right foot.

Eating Styles

How you eat affects how you give. Take a stand.

Corn Country

Only a small percentage of the corn we grow is eaten at the dinner table every night. Find out how the rest of it is used.

Small Steps for Healthier Living

Five things you can change today.

Around the web

Online resources and links to learn more about the food system

The Recipe

Step 1: EAT

Step 2: LEARN

Step 3: GIVE

Though we engage with it three times a day—and maybe more if you include morning lattes and afternoon snacks—food isn’t always a priority. We need it for survival, yet eating is often a mindless activity. How does one go about becoming food conscious? One hint: It starts by asking questions.

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