Americans are drinking more water and less carbonated beverages. And this is making companies like Pepsi very nervous.

In the recent New York Times article on the subject, John Sicher, publisher of Beverage Digest, asked:

“Are we seeing a modest, multiyear decline that will bottom out? Or are we seeing the beginning of a paradigm shift away from carbonated soft drinks?”

He didn't offer an answer quite yet, as it's too early to tell, but acknowledged that "there are continuing headwinds against the category that aren’t abating.”

Health Notes

  • Try to start your day with a glass of water to replenish your body from being dehydrated while you sleep.

  • Add lemon or cucumber slices to your water to freshen up the flavor.

  • If you're trying to eliminate soda from your diet, decrease the amount you drink over time. If you must crack open a can, don't drink it all, or replace one soda per day with an alternative drink like water or flavored water. Over time, you'll find yourself craving the sugar less frequently.

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