The Food Matters Project: Lamb and Feta Flatbread
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My nearby Whole Foods has really expanded its offerings of grass-fed meat. Once, only two cuts were available, but now a good quarter of the case is lined with options hitting the 4 or 5 mark on its animal welfare ratings scale. I was pleasantly surprised to find ground grass-fed lamb, otherwise I most certainly would have made this meal vegetarian.

Something I'm really enjoying about Mark Bittman's recipes is that they're more like suggestions. And most of them (save anything having to do with baking) don't require a formal recipe at all!

I turned my Greek nachos into flatbreads, covering grilled naan in a layer of herb-infused Greek yogurt to act as a sauce, then topped it with sauteed portobello mushrooms and lamb.

For the sauce, I used about 1 cup of Greek yogurt. I added 1/4 cup of crumbled feta, parsley, lots of lemon juice, and as much mint as I could handle (about 5 leaves). I find mint to be one of those very particular herbs, so use as much as you're comfortable with. I sauteed the mushrooms (2 portobellos, sliced) with garlic, then cooked the lamb with rosemary in the same pan.

For the original recipe, visit Megan's blog.

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