Cooking for a Cause: The Green Mango Cafe Cookbook
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Many trips abroad result in meaningful experiences that fade to memory once your feet are firmly planted on American soil again. But that's not what happened to Sonja and Alex. This husband and wife duo from the food blog A Couple Cooks cares deeply about human trafficking, and wanted to find a way to use their skills to benefit a unique vocational program in Cambodia called The Green Mango Cafe.

The cafe, run by the Center for Global Impact, offers two-year vocational training programs for at-risk women in Cambodia. Sonja and Alex traveled to the cafe, cooked with the students, and took detailed notes for their return home. Back in their Indianapolis kitchen, they developed and tested recipes, designed the layout, and prepared for this exciting moment. 

If you're like me, the arrival of fall also means that the year's best cookbooks will soon be released. I hope you'll watch their video below, learn more about the cause, and consider purchasing this cookbook. (It's $10 for a digital copy and $19.95 for the paperback version, and would make a great Christmas gift for your sisters, friends, and mothers!)

The best part? Not only will you be receiving a meaningful, practical, photo-driven cookbook, but all the proceeds will support The Green Mango Cafe! This is food philanthropy at its best.

And just in case you're on the fence because you think Cambodian cooking isn't your style, the cookbook is well-rounded, featuring a wide range of ethic cuisine including Italian, Mexican, French, American, and some traditional Cambodian dishes, too.

Click here to purchase your cookbook today!

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