2012 Food Trend: Vegetarianism
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Giada DeLaurentiis recently predicted that vegetarianism will be a 2012 food trend. Her Twitter followers wanted to see more vegetarian dishes featured on her show, Giada at Home, and she delivered with some inventive recipes. (I personally tried the lentil and goat cheese rolls and loved them.) This circumstance does reveal that society is starting to become more mindful about how much meat it eats, which is a step in the right direction.

My only qualm with the media labeling it a trend is that it implies vegetarianism is temporary, merely a passing fad. It's the same reason the word diet is problematic because it promotes a quick fix instead of what healthy eating really is: a lifestyle.

Mindfully choosing what to eat and striving to support your health is not a short-term experiment. And you'll find that as you eliminate processed food, excess sugar (such as soft drinks), and even a bit of meat, your body will feel better and you'll even be helping the planet, too. Whether you're a committed vegetarian already or simply striving for Meatless Monday, there are plenty of reasons to consider lowering your animal protein intake.

Meatless Monday lays out the benefits of eating a little less meat:

Health Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Now you might be asking yourself what to cook. Check out the resources below for tips on vegetarian eating and cooking:

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