Mobilizing food bloggers to change the food system.

When bloggers donate a post to one of The Giving Table's campaigns, we achieve collective impact by using one voice on the same day, for the same cause. 

Cultivating the next generation of food activists.

A food activist is anyone who gives gifts of time, money, or resources to help improve the food system. We believe food bloggers are influencers, and can inspire their readers to take action. Find out more.

How it works

The Giving Table cooks up delicious ways to make a difference in three easy steps.

1. Social Action

The Giving Table organizes short-term social action campaigns that support food nonprofits. Bloggers pledge to donate their posts to a cause we share across our platforms on the same day. 

2. Fundraising

We utilize the Causes platform to fundraise and spread the word through social media. Our giving model harnesses the power of crowdsourced activism to accomplish big goals. 

3. Impact

Each campaign supports one tangible project that will make a difference in the food system. We maximize collective impact by rallying around a shared cause, and stay in touch with our partners to follow their progress and share updates.