Earlier this week I announced the launch of Recipe for Good, an eBook that gives you the tools to become a philanthropist. Today is the last day to download it for FREE!

Are you ready to have a conversation with intention? It will be more romantic than you might think!

Let's consider the variety of ways we interact with our significant other throughout the day. We talk in the early morning with sleep still in our eyes, while one of us is brushing our teeth, via text message, while driving, or making dinner, but not all of our conversations exist with intention. Often, we're merely recounting the stuff of life (which is incredibly important to any relationship), but sometimes you need to make a plan and focus on something really big.

By working through this process together, your shared and divergent interests will rise to the surface, and you'll create a tangible action plan to move forward and support organizations you both value.

I promise that you'll gain a lot from this experience, and it's also a great excuse to go out to dinner or make something special at home! Romantic, right?

Ready to date for a cause? Here's how to do it!

1. Set a date. Pick a mutually convenient day and time. If your weeks are busy, consider a weekend when life is more relaxed. If you're staying in, give yourself a few days to plan your menu.

2. First, download Recipe for Good. Then, print the free companion worksheets. It's entirely conceivable to finish all of the exercises over a leisurely meal, but don't feel rushed, either. Just work at your own pace.

3. Jump in.

For evenings out: It might feel uncomfortable to pull out a 5-page workbook at a nice restaurant, so don't feel pressured to do so. Instead, review the workbook beforehand so you have some talking points for dinner. This would be a good time to discuss your giving broadly. What do you value most? Which causes are most important to you? Do you have any profound childhood memories centered around volunteering that have shaped your beliefs? Also think about past gifts and your emotional response to them.

Later that evening, or on another night, you can go through the workbook at home to fill in the blanks and focus on your strategy moving forward, but your discussion will prepare you well for the next steps.

For evenings in: You can have a general giving discussion while you cook, but once you sit down at the table, read the exercises aloud and take the time to answer the questions and fill in the blanks. By the time you're ready for dessert, you'll be impressed with how much you've accomplished!

**Don't forget to download the FREE PDF worksheets!

Recipe Ideas

If you're staying in, here are some great late-summer recipes to try.

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