The August Food Industry News Digest
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Rather than risk obsessive tweeting and Facebook timeline fatigue, I've gathered some of the must-read food industry articles from August into a digestible blog post. Read one or read them all. You're sure to learn something both uplifting and appalling about our food system!

1. Back to School: What Students Can Expect to Eat Under the New Healthy School Lunch Guidelines.

2. Mark Bittman celebrates farmers.

3. If any of these "food" products make your weekly rotation, you could be digesting butane and antifreeze.

4. A win for the animals: A slaughterhouse was closed due to inhumane treatment, and In-N-Out severed ties with beef producer due to undercover video.

5. Humanity might be forced to become vegetarian by 2050.

6. Will California be the first state to label genetically modified food?

7. Drought is one factor of many driving up food prices.

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