Oxfam's GROW campaign: building a better food system; one that sustainably feeds a growing population and empowers poor people to earn a living, feed their families, and thrive.

Remember when we talked about the power of social donations? Following an organization on Pinterest counts as one of the ways you can digitally support your favorite food nonprofits, so start pinning!

Through visual content, organizations are sharing meaningful work in the field, raising awareness for a cause, and even offering great recipe ideas. Nell Edgington believes that are naturally image-based, making this tool a natural fit. "The every day work that nonprofits are involved in lends itself to compelling images: a child laughing while reading a good book, a hug from a case worker to their client, a new home, a beautiful piece of land conserved, an endangered animal."

Huffington Post Tech editor Bianca Bosker points to the fact that Pinterest's success "may lie in its ability to change the social media conversation from "look at me" to "look at this," ultimately providing an untapped space for inspiration, creativity and action." More and more nonprofits are taking advantage of Pinterest as a visual storyboard, and these 5 in the food industry are ones to watch.

1. Heifer International

Heifer helps people out of poverty through gifts of livestock, seeds, trees & training, and has boards for every aspect of its work, including staff highlights, Earth Day, and videos.


Funny cartoons and cute animal pictures help this NGO stand out as a leader in animal welfare and vegan/vegetarian diets.

3. Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution boards include infographics, healthy recipes, and news about food movements worldwide.

4. Oxfam America

 Oxfam works to end poverty and injustice around the world, and has boards dedicated to women feeding the world, the GROW method, and food justice.

5. Landesa

Secure land rights might not sound exciting, but Landesa proves that a piece of paper can change a life.