How would you like to double, or ever triple your gift to a nonprofit? It's easier to do than you might think, and doesn't involve you spending a dime over your intended donation. The secret? Your company's matching gift program.

Corporate matching gift programs are an easy way to maximize any gift you plan to give to a nonprofit this year. It doesn't just benefit the nonprofits that receive a check, but goes a long way to boost office moral. When a company offers matching contributions, it sends a message to employees along the lines of "I care about what you care about."

This generosity goes a long way to help employees feel valued, engaged, and aids in staff retention over the long-term. For non-profits, studies have shown that matching gifts can be strong incentives for fundraising appeals that ultimately lead to increased donations.

Take Action

Find out if your company offers a matching gift program. If it does, review the policy, give some thought to which organizations you'd like to give to this year, and make a plan for your donation. If your company does not offer a matching gift program, consider speaking with the human resources manager to see about starting one.