Chipotle has been on a positive publicity streak. Its Grammy commercial debut pulled heart strings and made us believe that a new sustainable future was possible. If only it factored in the workers as well as the animals into this equation. With Fair Food supporters like McDonald's and Subway, you'd think one of America's only sustainable fast food companies would make fair wages for workers and ingredient transparency a proirity. Sadly, Chipotle has yet to support the Fair Food Program outlined by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Fair Food Standards Council.

I do believe Chipotle is trying to do right by offering "food with integrity" to its customers, so I'm hopeful that they'll decide to participate. In the mean time, tell Chipotle you want it to participate in the Fair Food Program. It's the only way things will change.

Take Action

Although International Justice Mission is targeting three supermarket chains with its campaign this summer, I believe Chipotle is a key player in this movement and needs to feel some pressure from its customers.

Send a message to CEO Steve Ells and ask that Chipotle join the Fair Food program by signing the petition.

More Tomato News

Slave-free tomatoes are starting to hit the news. Last week, Take Part published an article on the subject, featuring quotes from Michael Pollan, who has submitted a recipe for IJMs Recipe for Change campaign. This article, and this one, explain the price we pay in flavor to have tomatoes turn a scarlet hue.