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When Tracie McMillan picked grapes for a week in California's San Joaquin Valley as research for her book, she made the going rate for some of today's farm workers: $2.88 per hour. After a day's work, she took home a grand total of $26 for 9 hours of labor. Cutting garlic at another farm, she took home $54.40 for 24 hours of work. Minimum wage would have yielded $192.

It's difficult not to consider this while choosing a plastic bin of produce at the grocery store or while driving along California's Interstate 5. With no sick days or safety nets, workers live paycheck to paycheck, in poverty-like conditions. NPR recently reported that most farm workers continue working while sick (which in turns exposes co-workers and consumers to viruses), because they cannot afford to take a day off.

Is accessibility in our local grocery store worth the mental, physical and emotional cost to our nation's farm workers?