I recently attended a Chronicle of Philanthropy webinar on how to encourage donors to make bigger gifts, and while money was certainly discussed, it was not the focus of the conversation. That's because the monetary size of gifts is different for everyone. One donor might feel that $100 is a big gift, but another might feel that $10,000 is large. It's all relative to your own circumstances, but there are similarities to every donor regardless of the amount donated.

All giving, regardless of size, is about making a connection.

Consider this wisdom from Anne Ellinger, co-founder of Bolder Giving, and Martha A. Taylor, Vice President of the University of Wisconsin Foundation:

Anne Ellinger: 

There is not a magic formula! Each person is very different. I think a key thing is becoming comfortable with talking about money, and your own inner attitude that by inviting them to consider a bigger gift, you're giving them a life-changing opportunity for connection.

Martha A. Taylor: 
Yes, you are asking them to do one of the most meaningful things they can do in life--making an impact to improve the human condition and quality of life. That is true satisfaction.