When it comes to food holidays, Cinco de Mayo is always one I look forward to. I usually make a big pot of black beans, fajitas with lots of guacamole, and blended margaritas, but this year it seemed to get away from me. My husband and I were out running errands when I realized what day it was, and although I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't planned anything, couldn't spend time dwelling on it. We'd already had plans to attend a benefit dinner that evening, so there was no changing our plans.

Instead, we made a spontaneous stop at a nearby Mexican restaurant for happy hour. Two margarits and a big bowl of guacamole was the perfect way to celebrate. I also made this pico de gallo for The Food Matters Project the next day, so it really was a perfect weekend to choose the quick dips recipes.

Pico de Gallo couldn't be simpler. To a medium bowl, I added three large diced tomatoes, 1/2 of one red onion, diced, 1/2 one jalapeno, lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper. Try to make the dicing consistent so all the ingredients come out relatively the same size. Make more than you'll need, and you'll have a snack on hand for a couple of days.

For the original recipe, visit Alissa's blog.