For city dwellers, outdoor space can be hard to come by, and the idea of growing a summer garden seem entirely out of reach. But now is the time to take action if you want to take advantage of the growing season, so there are a few unique ways to consider growing your own food:

  • Take some inspiration from the Bathroom Farmer, a blog that chronicles the story of a Fashion Artist seeking to expand sustainability in her lifestyle by turning her bathroom into a year-round vegetable and herb garden.
  • Natural Yards lets you build almost any size raised planter without the use of tools, so there will be a solution regardless of your space limitations. If your outdoor space is small, consider growing up using one of its vertical trellises
  • No balcony? Try an Aero Garden. It produces an abundance of fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables, and salad greens using aeroponic technology. Your plants grow in water, nutrient and oxygenated air to directly deliver nourishment to their roots. The best part? It all sits snugly on your kitchen counter.
  • Need more inspiration? Like pretty pictures? The Giving Table's garden board on Pinterest.