A quote from one of the interviews I posted earlier this week with Tracie McMillan got me thinking:

“I definitely saw how if I stayed in those jobs longer, it would have gotten worse,” she said. “The less control I had over my work life, the less empowered I felt to make decisions over diet and health. When I worked shifts at Walmart – which I would say was my most unpleasant job – I really was getting to the point where I was like, ‘screw it, I don’t care.’” Frozen meals, she said, felt “easier” than salad on days when she felt exhausted.

I think for those of us who maintain a healthy lifestyle, limit processed food and are generally aware of the major issues facing the food system, having a frozen meal once in a while if we absolutely have to wouldn't be the end of the world. But what about the people who don't see another option, who don't know how to cook from scratch, or who don't care? We all have days when we feel exhausted. I definitely have my share of "I don't feel like cooking" tonight days, which usually means my husband and I end up walking to Chipotle, probably the only "fast food" restaurant I support. But the next day, I'm back to soaking my oats, making smoothies and cooking dinner from organic ingredients.

No solution here today, just a few thoughts. I'm always aware that not everyone has the same perspective on food, and how it's constantly a challenge to reach the people that need reaching.

What about you? What do you eat when you're too tired to cook?