Today's post is a quick one...

A recent op-ed in the New York Times made the case that our sustainable meat practices might not be sustainable after all. McWilliams notes that "grass-grazing cows emit considerably more methane than grain-fed cows. Pastured organic chickens have a 20 percent greater impact on global warming."

I understand what he's trying to say here, but this comment seems to miss the point that farmers who raise cattle and chickens this way don't believe that the United States should continue to produce as much meat as it does. According to the author,  "It requires 2 to 20 acres to raise a cow on grass. If we raised all the cows in the United States on grass (all 100 million of them), cattle would require (using the figure of 10 acres per cow) almost half the country’s land (and this figure excludes space needed for pastured chicken and pigs)."

This might be true with our current production numbers, but ideally we will move toward producing less and less meat, and of better quality.

What are your thoughts? Can meat be sustainable?