A couple of years my husband and I made Friday night pizza night. We've missed a few weeks here and there, and sometimes stray to Saturday or Sunday, too, but we probably make pizza at home more than most couples. This tradition also means I've tried my fair share of pizza dough, but until now, I hadn't made much of an attempt to incorporate whole grain flours.

I'll be honest and share that I didn't love this dough as much as I thought I would. Even though it rested the length of time the recipe suggested, it wasn't as flavorful as I hoped it would be. I do think there's a place for whole wheat flour in pizza dough, though, and plan to do some experiments that incorporate it in the future. But don't let my review deter you because it's definitely worth a try. I find that especially with pizza, you have to make dough over and over before you start finding the combinations that are perfect for you.

When it came to toppings, I searched my product drawer and found a bunch of broccolini. I sliced it thinly and topped it over the marinara sauce and mozzarella before baking.

For the original recipe, visit Niki's blog.