Newsflash: Whole Foods offers coupons!

Words like coupon, discount and cheap don't always spring to mind when thinking of the national grocery chain Whole Foods Market. For a long time, I think people associated it more with high-end products targeted to foodies or anyone with an unlimited budget. Certainly, your neighborhood Ralphs or Pavilions would be no match for Whole Foods in the value department. But it seems that the paradigm is starting to shift. As mentioned above, Whole Foods offers coupons for great products like dried beans and grains, freshly baked bread, and frozen vegetables. Their most recent monthly newsletter provided healthy recipes for less than $4 per serving alongside tips for how to shop at their store for the best values, such as buying from the bulk bins and picking up local lettuce.

I was even more intrigued after reading a recent post on their site where blogger Lisa Johnson wrote about her family's challenge to feed themselves on their USDA-calculated “thrifty” budget of $491.10 for 30 days while shopping exclusively at Whole Foods. By making a bet with the company, Whole Foods agreed to pay her grocery costs if she was able to stick within her budget. After taking a "value tour" with a store employee to gather thrifty shopping tips, she proceeded to win the bet. In her own words, "Instead of splurging on filet mignon and fabulous desserts, we asked Whole Foods Market to donate it to our local food bank."

As a frequent Whole Foods shopper, I'm impressed with the company's commitment to offering healthy food choices at reasonable prices, sourcing local produce whenever possible and its strict meat requirements. Its coupons and recent push towards promoting value in its stores is really icing on the cake when it comes to helping Americans eat well.

If you haven't picked up a newsletter, its coupons are available online!