Your weekly roundup of food news is back for 2012! | Here are a few stories you may have missed over the holidays.

Mark Bittman reminds us that "no one is born craving Froot Loops," and how food marketing is taking its toll on America's children (12.11.11)

More undercover investigative work, this time at Butterball Turkey farms

The CDC was very busy in 2011. A roundup of the year's biggest food outbreak reports.

Action Against Hunger reports that without mitigation strategies, the number of undernourished is estimated to rise by 24 million by 2050. (11.29.11)

Some tips on how to reduce your food waste during the holiday season via Civil Eats (12.9.11)

Farm Bill Hackathon winners visualize broad set of food and agricultural issues (12.5.11)

The UN reports that food prices will likely decline in 2012. (1.4.12)

Harvard dispels the myth that milk is our only source of calcium (1.3.12)