Your weekly roundup of food news.

› Food Integrity Campaign: Since 1958, at least 3,000 food ingredients have been deemed safe without any government oversight (10/27/11) U.S.

› Los Angeles Times: Supreme Court to take up treatment of pigs (11/1/11)

› Food Day was a success! CSPI says message reached millions as government officials used the opportunity to push healthier eating habits

› Michael Pollan narrates a short video introducing the new edition of Food Rules

› New York Times: In Famine, Vouchers Can be Tickets to Survival (10/27/11)

› Chicago Tribune: The world has reached 7 billion residents, UN says food production must increase to help feed them all

› Nonprofit Quarterly: Hunger and obesity are both indicators of poverty (10/31/11)

› New York Times: "Companies care more about profits than the health of children..." (11/2/11)