It started with UPS. Not long ago I was driving through Los Angeles and while stopped at a light, turned and looked out the window. Directly next to me, parked on the side of the street, was a UPS truck where a driver was presumably taking his lunch break. He was drinking a Coke and eating a small package of crackers with cheese inside. I cringed. It was everything lunch shouldn't be: mindless, unhealthy and lacking any nutrients that would fuel the rest of his afternoon.

That moment (and in reality, it truly was just a moment), made me think about who we're trying to reach with all this good food chatter. I don't need the message, and you probably don't either. If you're here or following me on Twitter, you already care enough about food to learn more about the issues facing our food system. I don't need to tell you to eat healthier or buy your produce from local farms or volunteer at soup kitchens. The people we need to reach are out there, going about their lives, eating crackers and drinking soda for lunch.